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The tutorials offered by JB Pronostics to help you succeed and make money in sports predictions.

What is a sports bet?
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Nowadays, it is possible to bet money on a sporting event. This is called sports betting. There are a multitude of possibilities. You can bet on a team winning, the number of goals or points in a match, whether a player will score a goal etc. So the possibilities are very wide. To illustrate how a sports bet works, let's take a match and simulate a bet on it: Let's take a football match between Chelsea and Atletico Madrid. A Chelsea win is priced at 2.40, an Atletico Madrid win is priced at 3.40 and a draw is priced at 3.20. If you decide to bet £100 on Chelsea to win, you could win 240€ with a profit of 140€. The profit is calculated by subtracting the starting bet from the winnings. In this case, you would subtract 100€ from the 240€ you win. This gives you a profit of £140. If Atlético Madrid draws or wins, your bet will lose and you will lose your £100 stake. You have just discovered what a sports bet is. If you want to know more about it, go to the TikTok JB Pronostics account, you will find a complete lexicon on sports betting!

What is a tipster?
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Betting is not something to be taken lightly, it is important to analyse matches correctly and thoroughly before placing your bet on a bet. This analysis can take you a long time with no guarantee of results. To facilitate this step, there are what are called in the mileu, tipsters or tipsters, who make these analyses their job. The tipster spends several hours each day comparing, analysing and defining the best option to make money. It is not mandatory to follow one, but if you want to get serious about sports betting, I strongly recommend that you follow the advice of a tipster.

2.00 odds method
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As a tipster, I give you the technique that I consider to be the most optimized for making money. It is after several years of testing that I have come to the conclusion that betting on odds at 2.00 minimum is the most profitable. In the short and long term! Odds at 2.00 can be achieved through a single match or a combination of 2 or more matches. In case of a combination, the odds are multiplied and not added together. For example: An odds of 1.50 multiplied by an odds of 1.40 will result in a combination quoted at 2.10. ATTENTION: To validate this bet, both matches on your ticket must be won. This technique odds at 2.00 allow you to double your money every day if you win. The odds at 1.50 are safer than the odds at 2.00 but the expertise of a tipster can increase the success rate of these odds at 2.00. I show you with this example the difference between a tipster who gives odds at 1.50 and a tipster like me with odds at 2.00. Let's assume a basic success rate of 60% for 2 months or about 50 bets. At JB, I guarantee you an average of 2.12. After 1 month : The tipster with odds of 1.50 wins 1250€ profit and the tipster with 2.00 wins 2180€. This means that the tipster with the 2.00 odds earns almost €1,000 more profit in just one month. After 2 months, the difference is 1860€. The gap widens over time and shows that the 2.00 odds are much more profitable than the 1.50 odds.

What is a bankroll?
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Sports betting is a financial investment and as in every investment, it is important to define a starting capital. In sports betting, this amount is called "Bankroll". This step is one of the most important, it is necessary to define a sum of money that you will dedicate to this investment. You should never use and bet money that you need on a daily basis, as in any investment there are risks. Once this bankroll is defined, I will explain how much to bet! I use the 10% technique. In my opinion this is the most suitable technique for 2.00 odds. The technique consists of betting 10% of the bet from the initial bankroll on each of the bets. For example, with a bankroll of £1000, you will bet £100 on each bet. WARNING: The bet should not be adjusted according to the previous day's win or loss, it should remain fixed. If you bet 10% of the bankroll by adjusting your bet after a loss, one win will not be enough to make up for the loss. If you play 10% of your initial bankroll after a loss, one win will be enough to make up for the loss, or even offer you winnings. EXAMPLE : Base : 1000€ 1000€ Loss : 900€ 900€ Victory : 990€ 1000€ Total : -10€ 0€ Hence the importance of being consistent and not letting emotions get the better of you.